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About us

“Govind Handicraft” works like a family which takes care of its customers like its family members. We have a huge furniture warehouse, in which all the furniture products are manufactured. All the skilled artisans here are experienced for a long time, they are completely accomplished in their art. Our products are sold all over the country, here you get the best quality products. We prepare and deliver products according to your choice, your budget. It’s been 25 years since our company started, the trust of our customers rests on us.

Vision and mission of our company

Our only aim is to fill happiness in your life and make your lifestyle pleasant. We manufacture high quality durable products that give you a happy experience. While making the product, we make use of insecticide chemicals for the raw material, so that your product does not get affected by insects. We have a skilled team to design quality products as per your budget.We have only one mission to make everyone who joins us experience a great lifestyle. We prepare your products with your confidence and send them to you.We pay more attention to customer service. Let us try to prepare the best products by using more machinery so that life can be filled with happiness. we will live up to your trust.

Product Gallery

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